About us

The company SC MATEC CNC TECHNIK SRL, was founded in April 2005 by Mr. Adrian Kreiner, having as main activity the production of parts for the automotive industry. The company operates in a space rented in Sibiu, based on a team of 5 employees and a processing center with numerical control.

SC MATEC CNC TECHNIK SRL has as main object of activity General mechanical operations CAEN code 2562, with activities of turning, polishing, milling, reaming and welding of metal parts using machine tools with numerical control and / or conventional techniques and devices.

Short history

The positive evolution of the company and the increase in the number of requests from customers led in March 2006 to the acquisition of a plot of land with an area of ​​6639 sq m inside the Sura Mica Industrial Park, located 9 km from Sibiu.

In 2008 the company diversified its product offer, entering the market of high tech industries (wind energy industry or railway transport).

MATEC CNC TECHNIK expands its field of activity at the end of 2013 by providing heat treatment operations at the open point of work in Cugir, Alba county, 100 km from Sura Mica.

In 2014, the construction of a new production hall with a total area of ​​1900 sqm began, and by the end of the year it was invested in logistics space with an area of ​​4000 sqm, office space – 1000 sqm, 41 CNC machining centers and 11 raw material cutting machines.
In 2018, the company inaugurates the storage and logistics hall, which has a total area of ​​16,683 sqm together with the land necessary for carrying out the activity.

In 2020, the company acquires a new plot of land, so it currently has a total area of ​​approximately 38,000 square meters, 3 industrial halls, has almost 190 employees and a number of 52 cutting processing centers. Also this year, a number of 50 Yaskawa Motoman Robot industrial robots are purchased for the more precise and fast execution of orders.

Company values

Creation, innovation and quality

The company is certified by the quality management system integrated with the environmental management system and occupational health and safety in accordance with the requirements of IATF 16949: 2016 and ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2005 and OHSAS 1800: 2007.

An essential contribution to the development of the company and the consolidation of the position of main supplier / standard for clients such as: SCHAEFFLER TECHNOLOGIES GmbH, MAGNA POWERTRAIN GMBH, ZF FRIEDRICHSHAFEN AG etc. it had a team of qualified and specialized staff.

The company has adequate financial resources and well-designed functional strategies, thus managing to stay on the market by offering quality products to its customers.

SC MATEC CNC TECHNIK SRL is in a continuous development and keeps up with the latest technologies, resulting in high quality products, in order to satisfy its customers in the most competent way possible.

Solar energy

In carrying out our activity, we take care not to forget the environment and we try to align ourselves with the standard we have. For this reason, in 2020 a project was launched which involved the installation of solar panels to supplement the energy used. At this moment, the company has the capacity to produce a maximum value of 400 kilowatt-hours and it is desired that in the future it will reach a value of one megawatt-hour. In time, it is hoped that through this project we will reach as soon as possible the possibility to support ourselves energetically.

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